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llers are already m〓aking their◆ way towar〓d fulfilling great◆ potential〓 in the future.The ●country's stimulus p○olicies are ◆proving effective〓. Figures fr◆om China's

○ Ministry o◆f Finance sho●w rural consumption ○increased dramatic〓ally d


uring the ○first half of the y■ear.Figure●s show Chi〓na sold 12.8 mi■llion home app○liances si〓nce it launched○ its subsidy■ scheme. The gover■nment has paid out○ near

ly 1.8 billio●n yuan in subsidies.○ So far, th○e country has a〓llocated n?/p>

year ha

餰arly 13 billion yu◆an for this y〓ear's rural home ●appliance prog○ram and rural au●to stimulus package〓. Zhang Sh〓aochun, Vice Finan●ce Minister■ said "During t◆he fi

rst half 〓of 2009, sales ◆volume of rural hom◆e appliances more th■an trip

ady hit 1◆00 million yuan

led● from the annu●al figure for 2008. ●The figure for J■une alone was 〓3 times hig◆her than in● February." Figure○s also show re○tail sales of● consumer goods in○ rural regions up 1○6 percent y■ear-on-year. T●hat's 2 percenta〓ge points higher th◆an in urban re○gions.It's exp○ected that t〓he country w■ill release new i■ncentives during■ the second◆ half of the y〓ear to keep dom●estic consum●ption going. Chi■na's Ministry of● Commerce ●has met with other ◆ministries to dis●cuss policie〓s to increas○e domestic consum〓ption, includin〓g replacing ◆old cars and home■ appliances w◆ith new one●s. Commerce Minist○er Chen De〓ming says 2.7 millio〓n vehicles a●nd 90 million〓 units of home ○appliances are due■ to be scrap○ped this year. If a〓ll of these ●appliances an◆d vehicles are● replaced by new on〓es, consumpti●on will exceed■ 500 billion y〓uan. He says the ●new policie●s will boost consump〓tion, employmen●t, and help to ◆develop the nation●'s recyclin●g system. He said:"■This year, the ○central gove●rnment put asid●e 6 billion yuan ■to support trade i●n the domes●tic market.◆ That is unpre○cedented. It also ■allocated 5 billion ○yuan to support ◆replacing old ●auto and 2 bi●llion yuan for ●home appliances ■to be replaced with● new ones." BEIJING◆, July 13 (Xinhu●a) China's ●leading search● engine company Ba○idu has signed an ag■reement wit○h Suning Applianc■e, a leading chain〓 retailer of home ap●pliances, 〓to sell through th●e Internet 〓on a business◆-to-consumer (B2C) p●latform Und■er the agreemen●t, Baidu w●ill provide■ a package for ■Suning's B2C b◆usiness based o●n online searc〓h activity, said a s●tatement r〓eleased by Bai●du Monday.

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